Bill & Ted Face The Music

Bill & Ted Face The Music

By Dean Parisot

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2020-08-21
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 32min
  • Director: Dean Parisot
  • Production Company: Endeavor Content
  • Production Country: Canada, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 758 Ratings


The stakes are higher than ever for the time-traveling exploits of William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan. Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the now middle-aged best friends set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it. Along the way, they will be helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures, and a few music legends — to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe.




  • Terrible

    By bullpat
    Can’t belive rottin tomatoes gave this a high score ,,, just a really stupid movie that didn’t make any sense .. the 2 prequels wear way better
  • Save the music

    By ProfPolish
    These movies weren’t meant to win oscars but they do all have a theme. If you missed it, then you need it the most. Unity is something we’ve needed for decades, centuries… Hans Christian Anderson once said “ where words fail, music speaks”. As a member of Gen X I’ve enjoyed some of the best years of music ever. These movies are about friendship, love and unity through music. Think about live aid, how many people United for a cause and for each other with music? The end of face the music actually made me emotional, because I love music and I remember all the times it brought me and my friends together.
  • half good half awful

    By Thanksmbcone
    Another movie/franchise ruined bc they had to put females in it... would have been okay to put females in it but as usual their characters are poorly writen -and acted. Their daughters ruined the whole movie.... just like they did with ghost busters ... real shame ... plus keanu didn't even play the part -now its like john wick pretending to be Ted
  • Eh

    By snugglefriends123
    It didn’t really make sense, and the story wasn’t great. Still entertaining though.
  • Pretty disappointed

    By marvelfanboy99
    Pretty disappointed I did not get to see this last and was very much looking forward to this sadly it was bad and too political D-
  • Low brow expectations

    By aafrisch
    I went in fully embracing the goofy, tongue-in-cheek fun of the first movie. But, even with the bar set low, the few stand out moments in this sequel don't make up for the lazy, transparent and cliched writing that peaks to new levels of mediocrity in the ridiculous finale.
  • angelofdeath

    By tphill
    rent for 20 dollars what trip r u on?????? u can buy for that .. while u trip the light magnificent.. enjoy your trip.. where u r going. Lol
  • Sorta in the middle

    By e.txcountryboy
    It’s not the worst movie ever but it sure isn’t the best either. As for the Pros - I think Alex Winters really made this movie his own, he picked up the character after all these years without a problem. Also the gals that played the daughters did very well and were likable. Liked some of the returning minor character and some of the callbacks (Station!). Now to the Cons - I felt that Keanu was asleep the whole movie, just flat, it was quite jarring. The depictions of the future felt so different than it was depicted in the first two movies. Hell also felt so different as well. Rufus’s daughter was grating, was hoping being his daughter she would have the same feeling of coolness that George Carlin brought to the roll. Finally that ending... first the “Song” was just not that good, especially compared to the “Song” at the finale of Bogus Journey (God Gave Rock & Roll to You), just didn’t feel that epic. Then the movie just ends, would have liked there to be something to tie it off like a scene with both of them in their families all playing music in the garage (tying it to the first scene in the first Bill & Ted) making it a note this is a personal story about a family coming together, have the camera pan out and to credits.
  • Terrible

    By Gabead
    Was very disappointed.Storyline was mediocre and the acting was terrible. Love the first two but this doesn’t even come close.I don’t see how this guy 80% on rotten tomatoes. Was really excited about watching this after reading the reviews. I only watched all of it because I paid for it.
  • Worth it!

    By dsblack
    I won't claim this was as good as the first film, but it was up there, with more of the feel of the first one, and much better than the second one. (I'm rounding up to 5 stars… Realistically, I'd say 4.5.) Not quite what I would have guessed or expected, but it's a good and satisfying end to the series. It was definitely worth my time and money. (I figured the $25 cost to buy right when it came out was still the equivalent or cheaper than watching it in a theater the first time and then buying it when it was released for home video.) Bill & Ted aren't a lot smarter in their older age, but they did a good job making the characters develop a bit more thoughtfulness and introspection with their age and experience. It's nice to see that you don't have to be smart to be a good person and to make a difference. It's also good to see how they handle the conundrum of knowing they're destined to save the world but having no idea how to pull it off, no matter how hard they try. I enjoyed Keanu Reeves' and Alex Winter's performances, as well as the rest of the cast. I like how they worked in Bill & Ted's daughters, Billie and Thea, and Rufus' daughter, Kelly; and those actors gave really good performances. We also see that the future isn't completely sure, perfect, or all-knowing; and the humanity we see there works well in the story. Really good film, and I definitely recommend it if you liked at least the first one. *** MINOR/PARTIAL SPOILER FOLLOWS *** After all the hype before this movie was released, about "The Song" that was going to save everything, I was really worried that they were going to try to actually have the song in the movie that supposedly saved everything. I thought that would be a huge mistake, since no actual single song could ever live up to that expectation. They basically did include it, but I was glad that they pointed out that it was never actually about the song itself. (What it WAS all about… I won't spoil, but it's not hard to guess, at least roughly. The fun is in seeing how it all came together.) So that wasn't disappointing, in case you're worried about it like I was.