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  • Runtime: 1h 36min




  • Super Pretentious

    By S. Teh NY
    The movie tried so hard to be cool. Absolute fail. Waste of time.
  • Brilliant

    By 88ma2
    Comedy, action and so much great movie.
  • Feel Good Fun Action

    By Ganonslayer91
    I loved this movie more than I thought I would. Just go in with a empty mind and no expectations, if you do that, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised watching this awesome and hilarious flick. The characters are so likeable and the action is great fun. Really feels like an awesome blockbuster that you can watch again and again, I’d love to see some of these characters in another movie sometime.
  • Could not watch beyond 15 minutes

    By Kevinater35
    The english actors are annoying and poorly cast. They are not cool at all and just keep speaking in cockney the whole time. The action scenes with guns and cars were very fake and cartoonish with obvious cgi flames sprinkled throughout.
  • Amazing

    By datcarltonboi
    Ladybug did amazing… just watch!!! This movie is hands down one of my favorite films it kept me on the edge of my seat… I recommend watching highly
  • Good Movie!

    By Berkeley Rooster
    Very well made action movie!
  • Enjoyable

    By bosox555
    It’s a fun assassin movie and entertaining
  • Brad Pitt is not enough

    By Ssseebbbasx
    Worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. I went in to see Brad but he wasn’t enough.
  • Come on people

    By Rye_Lou
    If you want to watch a bunch of people get beat up/shot/stabbed/killed…this is your movie. It is what it is. I enjoyed it. Simple action/little comedy movie. People are expecting a Oscar worthy script or something, or too offended by the violence. Do your research if violence isn’t your cup of tea.
  • Awesome movie

    By Stickyfingaz27
    My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with this film. Didn’t have high expectations going into it but it was a great movie.