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  • Runtime: 1h 36min




  • Cringe

    By bofawnduhgene
    You can see what the writer/director and actors were trying to accomplish but absolutely did not. Acting was pretty bad. Okay really bad. Plot was absurd. Any way to get an orgy in the mix. Felt cringe in the erotic reaching scenes. Humor when they pushed a thriller aspect. Overall bad. Only shocking part was the old mans ManGina.
  • It was worth a shot

    By Scrapesky
    I’m a huge horror freak, have over 40 years, but this film is not for me. I also have a hard time enjoying Mia Goth’s acting. I’ve seen X, Pearl, Infinity Pool, just didn’t do it for me. She did play a good costar (smaller role) with Dakota Johnson in the Suspiria remake. Seems she is still young and a lot of people love her. Maybe MaXXXine will change my mind!
  • Mia Goth

    By hekcurbroxw
    Mia Goth is the scariest part of this hot mess of a film. For the love of God, someone please buy this woman some eyebrows. Her face is tough to look at most of the time…
  • $6 rental

    By tha Bat
    Worth $6 just to see mia goth naked
  • MS🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    By Ms1e;}#€huffs//22uiikgffdss
    Absolutely horrible what a waste of time if you’d like to know the movie and save the money, it’s about a guy who can clone his self and the end that’s it that’s all there is to the movie
  • One of the worst movies

    By ELemonAtor1
    Just pure garbage.
  • Pretty trippy

    By tdurden5150
    Definitely lives up to the name Cronenberg
  • A Cinematic Chernobyl

    By Skat B
    Yikes. A nihilistic art film about nothing! Possessor was great but this movie is a travesty. And Mia Goth’s voice really grates on you…by the end, I was thinking “please just shoot her”. Pack up your 3 urns & go home already, man!
  • One of the dumbest movies in 23

    By waltav
    Dumb acting with some annoying chick and a group of people! I wasted 1hr and 48mins! I rather should’ve seen avatar and I hate avatar movies!

    By MonsieurLaCage
    A magician pulls a rabbit from a hat, and actors pull truth from fiction‼️