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  • iTUNES $139.99 VUDU $29.99

    By ohnoitsrob1012
    really good series but not for that price

    By SaltStorm007
    I just happened to come across the complete series of Dexter for $29.99...normally it’s $139.99 so yea SIGN ME UP! Had already watched the series & hadn’t thought about it until the trailer/tease came out for SEASON 9🤯so I looked it up on iTunes...low & behold it was $29.99🤯I thought it was a mistake because they usually advertise a sale like this and when I looked at the price of JUST season 1 it was $24.99..same price as all seasons! So basically I got 8 seasons for the price of 1🤯! This show is a CLASSIC/MUST WATCH for anyone who loves excellent writing/acting...granted the last season was a little disappointing but it’s still worth watching...I’m HOPING that season 9 comes in and redeems the last season! I saw that it has returned to the normal price...SORRY if you missed it...I’m SURE that it will be back on sale when season 9 comes out💯 Michael C Hall played Dexter PERFECTLY...I don’t think anyone could have played it better💯🔥
  • Outrageous

    By lmgakook
    I went to purchase Dexter the complete series today for $29.99 and to my SURPRISE it had gone UP, way UP, to $140.. My question is WHY??????????
  • Dexter!!!!!

    By Shuffling thug
    Great series. I was skeptical if it was for me. Heard all the hype. Was hooked on this show after the first episode. Bought the complete series on here for $30. Great deal !!!!
  • Amazing...Dexter 2021 Coming!

    By ZachariasC
    Simply an amazing show with excellent characters and storyline. I can not wait for Dexter to come back to us next fall!
  • Love Love Love Dexter

    By mel0one
    I watched this series 4 times already and it still feels like I'm watching it for the first time. This is the best series ever. Great acting and great storyline that makes me wish that the series did not end.
  • Dexter Seasons 1-8

    By JMT.17
    Never a dull moment, wish I could watch the series again for the first time
  • DEX

    By Nordanvind Music
    My favorite serial killer!!
  • The Best Crime Show In History

    By nicholasmm
    With a sterling plot line and never ending, edge-of-your-seat suspense and thrills, Dexter will remain as one of the most notorious shows of all time.