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  • Warinon

    By Daddys Thunderbird
    It took awhile to get what it’s took. But unless ya’ll change everything in the next 10 minutes I got time to open up the airways and cause continental divides’s on a Global scale. Don’t buy what it is there’s nothing funny about none of it . I will be seeing the folks at the top .Angery birds just got a few more season’s if y’all are around to see it. The anger is something nothing or no one can control. What a bunch of fools . You won’t break its Spirit ! And The Haunting just got reversed
  • great

    By he you hdhdhdhdhgfh
    i have been watching since i was a kid and have loved it since. -parks and rec fan group
  • Users

    By candacefun
    I got a call from my phone and he was trying not answer his call but I’m going back to the house to do a little work
  • The way I watch this show

    By skwidney
    I’ve never watched a TV show from beginning to end. I’ve never watched a TV show from beginning to end multiple times. There is something about this show that I find comforting yet entertaining at the same time. I have followed it from every app for years now and soon will buy this on iTunes to have for my very own.
  • Misconceptions

    By Awhbxhujk
    This is great! It is a steal compared to buying each individual season, it’s about double the amount to buy each individual season. People are saying that “it costs $70 to buy season 1??” no, it costs $70 to buy ALL the episodes. Yes, they are all grouped together, but that’s literally not a problem. You own it, you can just look up a keyword that would be in the description or the title. Buy it! Especially if you already love Parks and Rec! If you haven’t watched it, watch the first two seasons on peacock for free and then buy it so you can watch it forever!
  • Love love love

    By Runn'nfoo
    Classic heart warming comedy.
  • Price gouge

    By Mott1212
    Saw it couple weeks ago on here for thirty now it’s seventy. Upping the price makes me go find it elsewhere on a different platform.
  • Love Leslie

    By BenWyattttt
    Leslie Knope is my role model.
  • No blooper reel?!

    By JazzyNice26
    One of my favorite shows. It would have been nice to be able to see a blooper reel from each season instead of searching on YouTube.
  • Why the price hike?

    By Savv93
    I saw Parks and Rec for $30 earlier this year, came back to buy it and it is $70! What is going on???