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  • Excellent price for the entire series!

    By Justin Uriah
    Amazon wants $14.99 per season. Apples price is a steal of a deal at $65. Thank you Apple for giving us this amazing deal for an equally amazing show.
  • Lower the PRICE!!!

    By BamaCountry
    I ain't got time to stand around here and discuss trivial trivialities. As others have mentioned, lower the price, and et que ça saute! I believe if you did nip it in the bud, there’s no doubt a ton would buy, at least a half off sale or maybe any sale price. As for the show it’s a timeless classic, and never gets old, e.g. probably why so pricey. We’ll just continue DVR’g it on Philo until then. I don't know why I am always getting my britches caught on my own pitchfork.
  • Great show…

    By Kathy.2222
    For those that don’t want to pay $65 plus any applicable tax: for me it was roughly $0.31 per episode. Still cheaper than a steaming service subscription to watch and no commercials. What’s not to love!
  • I Bought It. $65.00 divided by 249 episodes equals 26 cents per episode.

    By Giddy-Up-Go
    Amazon wants $2.99 an episode. It was free to watch. Apple wants $1.00 an episode. I want to watch good tv not this junk with sex, drugs and killing. Good old fashioned humor.
  • Andy griffith show

    By Joey623
    With the price of cable this isn’t a bad price guys for digital I bought seasons 1 -5 at Walmart for 40 bucks and this only like 24.00 more better grab this old show while you can
  • Lower PRICE!!!!

    By Chubby wagon
    Like everyone else, this show can’t be beat.! Loved watching the show as a kid growing up while we were eating our TV dinners (then made out of a tin) when my mom was working late on Fridays and my dad was home to feed us. WHY APPLE CANNOT LOWER THE PRICE!!!! Is beyond me? I would snap it up in a minute if the price would go down to $30. It started out at $100 and in short order they brought it down to the price where it’s at now. (65.00$) Just a little further, and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy having it in their library. However until then I’ll just keep enjoying the reruns on TV.
  • Please, Please Discount

    By Need more Mantracker
    I too will change my rating and buy it when the price comes down. Love this show. I have not purchased it. I check it every day to see if they will put it on sale. $65 is just too much to pay for this show. Especially when they are putting all of the other classics on sale like Mash, The Office, Seinfeld and others. You have discounted just about every movie and tv show, why not this one?
  • Bring the price down!

    By esfamily
    Awesome show. Will purchase and change my review when the price is more reasonable.
  • Lower the Price

    By Victin2
    Great show, but the price is not right! Please lower the price to $39.99 please Apple.
  • Way too expensive

    By NBA NikeCity Uniforms
    Should be at least $15 dollars cheaper.