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  • The best telenovela I have seen

    By analizen
    This telenovela is an adventure every episode I fell in love and you really get attached with each chapter. When you first watch an episode they will leave on a cliff hanger you don’t want to stop. You will really get into the characters mind. As Jane said β€œ I can’t control very thing yet the world goes on.” This made me cry it made me laugh it made me want to act like them. I fell in love and you will too! Please buy and watch!!! Thank you πŸ˜„
  • Beautiful show!

    By alo0998
    I just finished season 5 and I LOVE how the show was written! Fell in love with the characters. Cried my eyes out multiple times. Highly recommend.
  • Beautiful

    By kjjkjkjjkjkkjkkkjkkkkk
    It was amazing.😭😭😭
  • Hilarious and heartfelt

    By CamelFish
    As soon as I watched the pilot of Jane the Virgin, I was hooked, and as the seasons went on, the show did not disappoint. It has the right mix of glamour, drama, cheekiness and heart for a pick-me-up show that I could rewatch over and over.
  • Horrible show

    By EL Verdugo 666
    Horrible show!