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  • Episodes out of order

    By TickerDS
    When you buy this with the Peter Capaldi episodes it mixes them all together. Meta data is broken and Apple needs to correct it.
  • This season is now available in HD!

    By alpaseeeker
    I’m new to Doctor Who. After some checking and watching the newer Doctors I chose Matt Smith to start out. I like his take on the Doctor. At the time of this writing it’s now available in HD. I’m really enjoying the show. Never seen anything like Doctor Who anywhere else. It’s great fun and very entertaining. The theme song never gets old. Hook, line and sinker!
  • Now HD.

    By bbug
    Now the bunble is HD. It looks good.
  • Only available in SD!!!

    By Brain L'O
    We want this in HD ASAP!!!
  • Apple, why are the episodes all out of order

    By AquaArcher
    I just purchased the Matt Smith and Capaldi years as bundles but all the seasons are jumbled together and impossible to watch in order. This needs to be fixed or I want my money back!!!!
  • Great show, but WHAT is going on with the files?! DO NOT BUY!

    By Mansonesque
    First of all, it put this show under Doctor Who, but the Eclleston and Tennant years under their own category for some reason. On top of that, since I purchased the Capaldi years as well... it’s all out of order! What is wrong with you iTunes people?!?! Fix this mess!!! I read this was a problem like a year ago, but I figured they fixed it by now!
  • Certainly got fooled by not noticing the SD mark

    By Causal Looper
    It is SD and stay away from it if u want clear pictures...
  • Bundle now includes ALL Matt Smith episodes!

    By ACubsFan
    For the longest time, this iTunes set was mistakenly missing season 7 and Smith’s final specials as the Doctor. Looks like they have finally rectified the issue and I believe the bundle now contains all of the episodes! He is the best Doctor, and the perfect Doctor to introduce the series to new fans with! This is a must have for any fan of sci-fi and definitely any fan of the show! And it’s much cheaper than buying all of the seasons individually, of course!
  • What a bloody mess!

    By RevPorter
    I bought this and the Peter Capaldi set and it dumped all the episodes into one “season”, all out of order. How in. The heck am I supposed to watch this? Apple needs to either order them properly or AT LEAST let us do it. I’m going to seek a refund. $50 for this jumbled up pile of junk isn’t worth it, even for a GREAT show.
  • Disappointing resolution

    By nlh1994
    Purchased to discover it was only in standard definition, when all the episodes are available in HD on iTunes. Very confusing decision