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  • A poetic prequel to Yellowstone

    By Hey_Blondie!
    Highly recommend! I'm happy to say that this prequel was better than what I thought. Congrats to John Papsidera for casting. Writer, Taylor Sheridan created a romantic story to the Yellowstone saga that the TV audience was already enjoying. This "1883" had a great cast, including the horses, a terrific director and beautiful cinematography. Martin Sensmeier was a fantastic romantic lead. And the main character narrating the story was the icing on the cake.
  • Ft😍we. Eewe

    By yeaman95
    Zf Kimeereeeeeee
  • A Coming of Age Metaphysical Mess

    First couple of episodes were okay, then the series devolved into a twatless PC mess.
  • Great Series but Ripoff Price

    By AZKojin
    So the show is very well done. In my opinion it is better than Yellowstone, but you pay for $72 for 24 episodes. What you get is 10 episodes and 14 self congratulatory “how we made it shorts.” Shameful.
  • Good show

    By Kaz098
    I’ll give this a thumbs up
  • Bro uhLkokk

    By You all are beautiful
    Elklkkkjk x
  • Good, but its a grind.

    By archive_60
    I like history, which is almost the only reason i watched this. Its a good story to get the feel of what life was like for people going through this experience. I dont buy into everything the characters do but thats fine, its fiction at the same time. Its tough to watch, very tough. There is nothing happy-go-lucky about this show, its a baseball bat in the face almost every episode. The ending is agonizing. You would have to be a sociopath to feel good at the end of this show. That saix, its worth watching to know what people went through.
  • Was expecting something better.

    By Alexander8819
    I read a review on Amazon that said this show was similar to Dances With Wolves and another well known western. It really isn’t similar at all. One of the main characters has clearly had plastic surgery so it’s hard to look at her as a person from the year 1883. The main character who narrates the show gets knocked out *hard* in the first episode - a seemingly bone cracking punch to the face by a 300 pound guy attempting to rape her. The next day this girl has no bruises, no swelling on her face, and she is spinning around gleefully in a river with a smile on her face - not but 12 hours after getting knocked out, nearly raped, and having a 300 pound man get shot and fall dead on her. The lack of bruises and any residual mental shock that would normally follow such an incident were not there. It just suspended all reality for me. The pros: most of the acting is good. Sam Elliot does a great job. The cinematography is fairly good. I think the story was great. But there are too many moments where I kept saying “that would never happen” to take me out of the story (in a show that is trying to be 100% serious and mostly accurate to the times). I’m glad most people seem to like the show, it’s just not my thing.
  • 5 Star Series on its own standing

    By LMF361
    What a wonderful story! Yes, I am a fan of Yellowstone, however, if I wasn’t, I would still love and appreciate 1883. The storyline is compelling and full of emotion and adventure!
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    By jejjebskwiwjb