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  • More seasons please

    By key3929
    Love the show just wish more seasons were available
  • Annoying...

    By Doc D.C.
    One of the most annoying things is when a movie or television show is FINALLY released for us to see it again...and they have changed the songs that were a part of the original show! This changes the movie or show from it's original form! Personally, I think that if a show is allowed to have the songs in it when it was first on television, the right to those shows should automatically apply to any form the show is released on later, but I guess a lot of studios are gutless in wanting to press this issue in court.
  • Incomplete series

    By daredevil0551
    I recommend to anyone who is new or old to iTunes! Do not purchase any TV seasons or movies without checking to make sure the entire series is there. iTunes seems to have a good habit of not completing TV series it’s a waste of money!
  • Wkrp in cincinnati

    By Robin1051
    These are just 30 second clips for $1.99 each! False advertising.
  • Complete Series!

    By D-PortR&B
    Great show! Loved it as a kid. I would love to the whole series.
  • Missing segments and generic music

    By Cardplya
    Don’t waste your time with this edition, it’s missing the original music which was often part of the jokes. Likewise, entire segments are missing. Why do I know this? Because I bought the Shout factory DVD which has restored what was missing.
  • My mom loves it, ergo, I love it.

    By Dancingnancy84
    Wish they’d put all 4 seasons, instead of just the one.
  • Need More Seasons

    By Proud Republican
    Fell in love with this show upon purchasing it. Sadly iTunes doesn’t have the other seasons. Hopefully they are coming soon.
  • WKRP In Cincinnati

    By Cat lover723
    Great show when it was on here love watching the reruns would buy more thank you so much I am thrilled that you gave me the chance to buy this classic common thank you.
  • Where to find the entire show run

    By hq197
    SHOUT FACTORY! has the entire show for sale. 20th Fox didn't want to produce the the DVDs because of the music rights. That's why you won't see any more seasons offered. SHOUT FACTORY! also got the cast and crew honored at the TV Hall of Fame. Go to YouTube and type in Hugh Wilson (the show runner) and you can get the scoop on the show and how it became the "gold standard" for today's situational comedy nrearly forty years later.