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  • I watch a lot of TV and TWW is still at the top!

    By Mike in Rhode Island
    Don’t get me wrong I was appointment viewing Six Feet Under, The Wire, and The Sopranos during TWW’s original run too, and although it’s pretty impossible to decide on a greater series when you have to put Leo McGarry up against Omar If still probably pick TWW more frequently for my rewatch. Nowadays this show either loved or hated and it’s usually due to Aaron Sorkin’s particular brand of idealistic liberal politics but regardless of all of that this series, this amazingly charismatic ensemble, the amazing dialogue, and of course the memorable and sometimes quirky storylines are something anyone can enjoy. For what it’s worth the series also had a very large Republican following when it aired too. So don’t miss out on this show just because of the extremely polarizing politics we’re living through today. Most of the storylines are pulled from history anyway and that presidents party wasn’t part of the plots consideration.
  • The West Wing

    By Everman1984
    One of the best shows ever. The events are very much in sync with some of the issues in present time. Well worth the purchase for the complete series. So in the words of Jed Bartlet...... “Alright, What’s next?” I am glad that I rediscovered this amazing series on AppleTV. They definitely don’t make shows like this anymore.
  • The reason I went to law school

    By JohnMRitterEsq
    This show changed the track of my life. If Aaron Sorkin created a religion I would be a devout follower.
  • Review of iTunes series not the show

    By KC1974
    Not a review of the show itself, or particular series, or even episodes as they’re all great. This is a review of “The Complete Series” as it’s presented here, and I’d wish I’d known what I was buying here knowing this was leaving Netflix. This is 156 episodes (155 as well as the special) just thrown together. I personally know, but to the layperson, they’d have no clue that episode 89 is the end of season 4 and episode 90 is the beginning of season 5. And expect motion sickness scrolling through all the episodes. And since there’s no binge watching on Apple TV, you’ll experience that motion sickness. This was a bargain, but the presentation here is awful.
  • Awesome deal for $39.99

    By elks86
    This is one of the best shows of the 90s. Since its leaving netflix, its better to purchase the complete series. Thanks itunes
  • The best show EVER

    By Carmelites Desire
    I have watched the series 12 times now. As soon as the last episode of the last season is played, I immediately start back with season 1 episode 1. ITS THAT GOOD! It had me laughing and crying because this show has some of the best actors ever to grace the screen. I’m a STAUNCH GOP supporter, but if President Bartlet was an actual person and was the actual president, my republican vote would be for that Democrat president. Thanks for bringing such joy to my life for all these years.
  • Totally Worth Buying the Complete Series

    By grommit
    We already own this on DVD and have watched repeatedly over the years. Now that the entire series is available for the affordable prices of $30, we are buying the electronic version to have on our mobile devices!! If you have never seen the series, here are a few reason to watch: 1) superb writing - witty, great characters, intelligent, humor, passion; 2) incredible actors & actresses - every character was made real by the person that played them; you believed every argument, funny repartee, and dramtic situation; 3) realistic portrayl of life at the White House - fascinating how the WH, Congress and staff work; 4) amazing dynamic of writing & actors that make each episode engaging to watch and you can only get snacks at commercials; 5) ethic ideals to challenge you - some real great ideals that present multiple sides, not just the liberal view as being correct; 6) intelligent television -- there is no fake laugh tract or moronic vomiting or gratuitious sex. Even if you don't follow politics this series is solid entertainment.
  • Love the Show! Hate Apple for Price Decrease!

    By tman66ler
    I love this show and was able to download almost all of the episodes to my phone back in July for the low price of $50! Now it’s $30! What give Apple!!!!
  • Amazing

    By ksr91
    What an amazing series for such a great price. Keep the sales coming iTunes.
  • Favorite Show Ever

    By cgree104
    It is one of the greatest shows ever on television. A must watch.