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  • Out of order episodes. They know it and still try and sell. It says a lot

    By n2northsiders
    No thanks
  • $29.99 for complete series.

    By elks86
    Although the episodes are out of order, it still a good deal
  • Disappointing

    By ksr91
    I’m sad I paid even a discount price for this. I blindly trusted others reviews. This has got to be the worst over rated show I’ve ever watched. It’s like a white trash breaking bad but you loathe the people, because they are awful people beyond just being criminals. They are have hitler tattoos, they are openly racist and homophonic. It would be ok i guess? if the characters had more sympathetic story’s but they do worse and worse things escaping justice. If you like spending 45 minutes with some of the worst white trash charters on tv, enjoy I suppose. I don’t care how “good the writing is” the characters are garbage people, I honestly would do away with that whole town. And I’m not a person that dislikes violence. if anything this lacks it, it’s dull and predictable standoffs.
  • Out of Order Episodes

    By Sixth Roman
    I gave this an extra star because the show itself is fantastic. But iTunes piss poor execution of somehow mislabeling the episodes is just unacceptable. Considering other reviews have mentioned this and the issue still persists, it’s clear that they couldn’t care less.
  • Terrifically Entertaining

    By Apar
    One of the most intelligent, entertaining and engrossing shows ever put on the air.
  • Episodes are out of order

    By Crighmli
    There a number of episodes in the first season that are out of order after episodes 1 & 2. Buying on Amazon would probably be a better option.
  • 5 star show, 1 star iTunes execution....

    By College Baseball Fanatic
    They have some of the episodes out of order. For example episode 3 is really episode 5 and I have found more mislabeled/misordered season 1 episodes - I haven’t looked at the other seasons yet. It makes it a real pain considering when one episode ends the next one begins and it is the wrong episode. Hopefully this can be corrected but as it is I can’t recommend purchasing this excellent show.
  • Great tv series

    By Rambo8649
    A friend recommended Justified. I was VERY skeptical. but became hooked from the first several episodes. It gets better and better as the seasons progress. A very solid tv series.
  • Excellent

    By kraemoser